Bank and Store Activity

After the students receive their checks for working in the "Crane Factory," it is off to the bank to cash their checks.  This can be done in a couple different ways.  One way is to divide the students into small groups and let them take turns being the banker and cashing out their checks to one another.  Another way is to already have the money divided into the proper amounts in Ziploc baggies and then have the students practice counting their money.  This is a two day activity for our students.

Money Graphics (provided by Money Instructor)

$1.00 Bills
$5.00 Bills
$10.00 Bills
$20.00 Bills
$50.00 Bills

On the second day of the activity, the kids get to go shopping.  They first need to receive a budget sheet for planning.  Then they must pay for the necessities first (housing, transportation, and food).  After that, they may then shop for fun at the other stores.  The students are divided into groups of four.  Each receives a job and a badge representing that job.  When someone purchases from that area, the one with the job is responsible for taking the money and giving the change.  When students have made a purchase, they receive a card for that purchase and record it on their budget sheet.  In the end, students may make purchases at the teacher's desk for real candy, bookmarks, pencils, erasers, and baggies full of popcorn.  You may decide the costs on these items.  I just use leftovers of what I have around the room and purchase the popcorn from our local Wal-mart.  There is also a bonus for students who contributed to charity.  The teacher serves as this agent.  As they leave the room, they may choose another choice from the teacher's desk for free.

Budget Sheet
Job Badges
Housing Choices
Transportation Choices
Food Choices
Department Store Choices (page 1, page 2)
Travel Choices